3 Tips for Saving At Least $300 Per Month

Searching for tips on saving money? In this article, I will share with you 3 tips that you can use to save at last $300 per month.

Last year (2017) was a great year because my family moved to Texas and had many adventures but it was also bad at the same time because our costs were going up and I realized that we had to save money any way we could.

Once I started reviewing what we were spending on a monthly basis for our services I realized that it was pretty easy to save about $300 immediately.

Here’s how I saved money:

How to save money

#1 – Stopped Our Satellite Television Service

This was the first step that I took to save my family money on a monthly basis.

Prior to eliminating service with DirecTV, we were using satellite television for about 10 years and wherever we moved I made it a priority to have this service because there’s nothing like having “your” channels when you move to a new area.

Sadly, when we first started with DirecTV their service was really fun to have because it was easy to record our shows on DVR and we looked forward to watching them later in the evening when our kids were in bed.

Around 2015 DirecTV’s service began to suck and I got tired of having hundreds of sports channels to scroll through along with endless pay per view channels and soft-core porn channels that I didn’t want my kids to see.

By 2016 I realized after being frustrated with DirecTV’s poor-quality programming that I could find better shows online and my wife and I started watching better shows on YouTube and other services.

When I compared what I could find online versus what was on DirecTV there was no comparison and I realized that we were watching more shows online than we were on TV. This is why I made the decision to cut TV service and I never looked back.

Cutting satellite TV was hard at first because we actually have to search for the shows that we want to watch online but the switch has been worth it because it’s saved me about $120-$130 per month and I would rather spend that money on buying food for my family than anything else.

Eliminating satellite television has also made it possible for my family to eliminate our time in front of the television because I’ve found that we often don’t sit down to watch something until 8:00 pm or later so instead if endless hours in front of the TV, we’re maybe spending 2 hours watching a show or movie before going to bed.

Another benefit that came from cutting satellite television is that I also found that I could find better pay TV services that had shows we liked for a small fee every month.

A good example of this is Acorn TV, we enjoy TV shows and movies on Acorn TV because we love British Mysteries and the shows Acorn produces are often clean family-friendly movies.

Acorn TV costs about $5.00 per month.

Another example of a similar pay to watch service is Up TV. They have a live streaming service that costs about $5 as well.

For other shows that are hard to find on streaming services, I can usually find them on Amazon Prime.

My family is a big fan of Bringing Up Bates, we like watching these shows on Amazon Prime and only spend about $2.00 per episode. This is still a huge savings versus having to pay a monthly cable bill and we can still stay caught up with the show without missing any episodes.

#2 – Dumped Verizon Wireless

The second thing I did last year to save money was to dump Verizon Wireless.

This was HARD to do because I’m a big tech geek and like to have a reliable network when we travel but I soon realized that we were paying about $200 per month for an awesome network that we were not using regularly.

Since I work from home we’re almost always on our WIFI network so we were not using Verizon’s awesome coverage.

I’d been with Verizon for about 10 years as well and when I called them to see if they could do something to save us money the representative that I spoke with crunched the numbers and then flat out told me no and they couldn’t explain why I was paying so much to begin with.

I would have to be stuck paying them about $200 per month for their service. Yes, we had 3 phones and 1 tablet with Verizon but once again we were paying a nice chunk of change for something that we were not using so I said “bye bye” to Verizon and dumped them.

This decision was tough to make at first but worth it. I downgraded to a pay as you go ZTE phone from Walmart and found that even though the phone is a little slow, it gets the job done and I have service with me wherever I go.

Should you say adios to Verizon? If you are under contract with them for 1 year they will charge you to get out of your contract but, if you’re not under contract I would recommend that you dump them to save money and go with a more reliable carrier.

Most people today are duped into thinking that they need to have the most reliable network possible when 10-20 years ago most people didn’t drive around in cars with cell phones because they were just too expensive.

If you’re overpaying for Verizon or another service I encourage you to consider eliminating them for a more affordable service so you can save money.


#3 – I Stopped Using US Bank

Another big way that I started saving more money last years was switching from US Bank to Bank of America.

I previously had been with US Bank since the 2001 so this was a big jump for me to make but after getting dealing with a BIG bank error and their excessive fees I decided to make the switch and haven’t looked back.

If you’re like me you may be thinking that you can handle their fees well let me tell you a little bit about US Bank, their overdraft fee alone is $29 so if your account was over drafted about 5 times, those fees will add up and you can easily find yourself losing hundreds of dollars to the bank.

Besides their overdraft fees, I also got hit with a monthly statement fee and too many other fees to count so it was time to end the “madness” and switch to a bank that doesn’t steal from their customers.

With Bank of America, I haven’t had any fees at all and this is a welcome relief considering what I went through with US Bank and I feel confident that I’m going to move my other accounts to BofA very soon.

Sadly, most people won’t switch banks because people generally stay with a bank forever but if you want to save money like I do you will take the time to actually look at your bank statement and make the decision to find a more affordable bank to work with.

Once you change banks, you should also look at your credit cards to see what fees you’re paying on a monthly basis and switch to cards with more affordable fees so you can save money.

That’s it for this money saving article! If you’ve found these tips to be helpful please share this article on your social media networks.

Thanks for reading!

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